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Snow Falling on Apple Trees

Photo copyright 2016 by Susan Reinberg Intermittent flurries sprinkled the air. It was a perfect time to be on a hilltop. The apple trees ranging in their orderly way offered just the right subject.

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Snow Runner, Woodbury, CT

Photo copyright 2015 by Susan Reinberg As I was trudging boots deep in the snow on uncleared sidewalks, this runner on the road caught me off guard. I tried to reset my shutter speed and pan to capture her in … Continue reading

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Snowfall, Woodbury, CT

Photo copyright 2015 by Susan Reinberg The falling snow veils an already monotone view, but memory tells me the twisted branches that seem so desolate now will be lush with heavy flowers this summer. In the meantime, the somber mood has its own kind of beauty.

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Lion in Winter, Woodbury, CT

Photo copyright 2014 by Susan Reinberg Seasons pass, but some things remain. This sleeping lion in the antique shop window seems little affected by the cold. His stony consort also seems oblivious to the weather.

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