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Spring Snow

The clumps of snow captured by the pines mimicked delicate blossoms, and prompted me to stop on this early spring morning. I knew the snow would soon melt, as spring snow will so often do.

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Orchard in Winter

Morning snow on the apple orchard. On this windless day, a lacy landscape surrounds us.

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Winter White, Roxbury, Conn.

Out to photograph glittering trees and a sparkling landscape after the freezing rain,  I found the sun didn’t always cooperate. Despite the overcast, there were opportunities, however, to capture familiar scenes in yet another aspect. Here, Diebold Farm on the … Continue reading

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Farm in Winter

A sudden gust of snow and a brief glow of light on the horizon caused me to stop. So changeable is the weather and the light in this New England state, we could stay in one spot forever and never … Continue reading

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Winter White

Dustings of snow, like powdered sugar, made winter just a bit more lovely this year.  

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Not So Fast … March Snow, Bridgewater, Conn.

Just when you thought you were safe. March arrives with a roar. (Hope you didn’t pack away those winter pajamas.)

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Down on the Farm, Southbury, Conn.

This Dodge two-and-a-half ton, retired U.S. army truck has seen better times. As bullet-shattered windows can testify, its glory days are over.

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Glow on the Treeline, Roxbury, Conn.

Photo copyright 2016 by Susan Reinberg The clouds moved in quickly and covered the sky before there was much time to get to an elevated vantage point. Here on the windy hilltop, what remained was the fleeting glow along the treeline as the … Continue reading

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Snow-capped, Church Cemetery, Woodbury, CT

Copyright 2015 by Susan Reinberg I found something delicate and quaint in the way the snow put white hats on this family of gravestones and made lacework of the branches in the old church cemetery. The pale light and monochrome subject matter … Continue reading

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Farm in Winter, Roxbury, CT

Photo copyright 2015 by Susan Reinberg The bitter cold abated just enough today to suggest the thaw that surely is approaching. Here on an inactive farm, in the respite from single-digit and below-zero temperatures, the snow-covered roof and the tiny shed struck me … Continue reading

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