Red Barn, July 1, Roxbury, Conn.

Photo copyright 2017 by Susan Reinberg

The billowing clouds on this first day of July warranted a trip to rephotograph the red barn that I depicted on New Year’s Day. Though the light was high overhead this time, the summer day made up for it.

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Ladies Who Lunch, Torrington, Conn.

This combination restaurant and antiques gallery harkens back to those times when going out to lunch meant putting on a hat, gloves and pearls and going downtown to meet your friends.  I wonder who they were talking about today.

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Red Barn, Misty Hills, Sherman, Conn.

Photo copyright 2017 by Susan Reinberg

The ivy-covered red barn and the remnants of the fallen down silo in the grass have often prompted me to photograph at this spot, but I was never quite happy with the results. Today I was finally satisfied that I might just have something this time.

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In the Garden, Washington, Conn.

Photo copyright 2017 by Susan Reinberg

George, who owns the beautiful property called Hollister House and the lovingly cultivated English garden there, says daffodils signal the first joyful blooming of spring. He favors them, calling them “generous.” He is generous too, opening his garden to visitors on spring and summer weekends. You can find out about garden tours, hours and other events at the Hollister House website.

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Not So Fast … March Snow, Bridgewater, Conn.

Just when you thought you were safe. March arrives with a roar. (Hope you didn’t pack away those winter pajamas.)

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Down on the Farm, Southbury, Conn.


This Dodge two-and-a-half ton, retired U.S. army truck has seen better times. As bullet-shattered windows can testify, its glory days are over.

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Winter Rain on the Lake


Photo copyright 2017 by Susan Reinberg

The rain persisted all day, and after getting soaked and wind blown on my journeys in search of a successful photograph, I managed to finally make this image on the way home out of the car window. Go figure.

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Do Not Attempt to Adjust the Picture


Photo copyright 2017 by Susan Reinberg

Marc Isolda aced me out with his vertical version of the stairway shadow (see the photo on his blog titled “There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Television Set“), but he insisted that my version was worth sharing, and cited the admonition from “the Outer Limits” televison show not to attempt to adjust the vertical or the horizontal. So here you have it.

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Red Barn, New Year’s Day, Roxbury, Conn.


Photo copyright 2017 by Susan Reinberg

Maybe I will keep a New Year’s resolution or two. This one: Take more photos in the late afternoon light. How else could a red barn be so red?


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Winter Cornfield, Roxbury, Conn.


Photo copyright 2016 by Susan Reinberg

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