Highland Cattle, Roxbury, CT


Photo copyright 2014 by Susan Reinberg

This stately fellow was posing so sedately I had to get out of the car to take his picture. Shaggy haired, he tossed and rolled his head and stretched out a leg as I waited. When he resumed his posture, his floppy hairdo had parted just enough to let an eye peep through.

About Susan Reinberg

My digital diaries and altered states photographs are my way of sharing my personal vision. These images reflect my daily life and surroundings. I would like to range farther in my photographic journeys. But in the meantime, as any photographer knows, the images are at my doorstep.
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One Response to Highland Cattle, Roxbury, CT

  1. Marc Isolda says:

    Holy Mackeral that is a great shot and great tonal control too!!!!!

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