Mannequin, Vintage Boutique, Florida, 2013

Mannequin, Vintage Boutique, Florida, 2013
Photo copyright 2013 by Susan Reinberg

The owner of the shop told me no photos. I had just made this exposure when he objected, so I put away my camera. I asked why, since my only motive was art, and not literal. He explained his shop was recognizable, and scam artists had fraudulently posted some of his collectibles on ebay. I made no mention of the unspoken implication that I was such a thief. Neither did I make any purchases, and I left the shop soon after, since he had taken away the pleasure of discovery that the experience might have offered. This photo is the emblem of my good intentions.


About Susan Reinberg

My digital diaries and altered states photographs are my way of sharing my personal vision. These images reflect my daily life and surroundings. I would like to range farther in my photographic journeys. But in the meantime, as any photographer knows, the images are at my doorstep.
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2 Responses to Mannequin, Vintage Boutique, Florida, 2013

  1. So again the innocent (or better, not culpable) is punished, not with, but instead of the guilty. I’ll wager it’s not the only time someone has told you no pictures. It recently happened to me at the mall…and I wasn’t even taking pictures, merely holding a “real” camera. I was tempted to shoot off some images with my iphone out of spite!

  2. Marc Isolda says:

    The difference between real photographers and pseudo-photographers “you got the shot” bravo!!!!!!

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