Curtis Road, Bridgewater, CT 2013

Curtis Road, Bridgewater, CT 2013

How nice to be back in Connecticut, where such scenes abound. Credit must be given here, since it was after all Marc Isolda who noticed the winding shadow on the road in the late afternoon light. And to add further acknowledgement, I must admit I have also copied his signature panoramas. The painterly effect added by me, however, is something he would NEVER do. This aside, I must thank him for sharing the moment and allowing himself to be so blatantly imitated.

About Susan Reinberg

My digital diaries and altered states photographs are my way of sharing my personal vision. These images reflect my daily life and surroundings. I would like to range farther in my photographic journeys. But in the meantime, as any photographer knows, the images are at my doorstep.
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2 Responses to Curtis Road, Bridgewater, CT 2013

  1. This has such a familiar feeling to it. I wish I’d done it.

  2. Marc Isolda says:

    beautiful, simply beautiful and it has a familiar ring to it and I just can’t put my finger on it.

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