Mannequin Life Revisited, Miami 2013

Mannequin Life Revisited, Miami 2013

Photo copyright 2013 by Susan Reinberg

Now that the heat has driven her indoors, our mannequin girl has other things to ponder. “I really can’t decide where to put this,” she tells me. “I wish people wouldn’t give me paintings. They know how picky I am. Life is so difficult,” she sighs.

About Susan Reinberg

My digital diaries and altered states photographs are my way of sharing my personal vision. These images reflect my daily life and surroundings. I would like to range farther in my photographic journeys. But in the meantime, as any photographer knows, the images are at my doorstep.
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3 Responses to Mannequin Life Revisited, Miami 2013

  1. Did you play with Ken and Barbie as a child? Do you still? Do the voices in you head answer the questions that you ask?

    • Susan Reinberg says:

      Thank you for asking. Sadly, I never had a Ken or a Barbie as a child, though I dearly wanted one. As to your last question, the voices in my head rarely listen to one another.

  2. exquisite, you continue to amaze me with your talent. I love this image it is so cool!!!!!

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