Great Day for Haying, Roxbury, Conn.

A window of opportunity today, and the haying commenced on the hilltop.

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Pond and Fog

Morning mist painted a veil over the landscape.

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Clouds Sail at Sunset

In those minutes after the sun goes down, clouds sail across the sky like creatures, in free fall or glorious procession, before the darkness closes in and the colors fade.



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Seasonal Dissonance

Stragglers stand in the mowed cornfield amid the fresh green grasses of early May. The image reminds me of my photo of sunflowers in snow from several years ago. The seasons are sometimes reluctant to cede their place in the limelight.

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Field and Fence

A quiet scene on the hilltop recalls the sounds of horses’ hooves and the riders’ voices as they make the jump and gallop on.

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Jet Trail at Sunset

The sun dropped below the horizon and the jet trail grew golden, punctuating the deepening sky.

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Strike a Pose, Watertown, Conn.

Photo copyright 2019 by Susan Reinberg

Lo and behold, the mannequin-adorned window has returned to this jewelry shop in Watertown. I have watched for many months on the off chance the shop would again bedazzle us with a sophisticated window dressing. This one was worth waiting for, though the mannequin is perplexingly aloof, casting her eyes away from passers-by. Still her glitter and low-cut gown invite our gaze. “Look at me if you must,” she implies, suffering her life as an object on display, alas. (“Night Vision” and “Dolled Up for the Holidays” were taken at this same shop as part of my Mannequin Life essay.)

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Winter’s Traces

The hounds of spring are sure to follow.

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Rain in February

The mist clung to the hills in the morning rain. The rolling yellow of the barren field gave just enough color. That same morning Marc Isolda was out before me to capture his own perspective. Take a look. I am once again outdone.

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Ice Is Nice

After the ice storm again. A close-up view of Nature’s delicate design … and a hilltop orchard gilded with ice.

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