Summer Garden

The Queen Anne’s Lace, one of my favorite flowers, are in abundance this year in the display gardens at White Flower Farm in Connecticut.

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Summer Sky

The skies of summer provide the mood in this lush summer image, helped again, of course, by the infrared sensor and some careful enhancement in Photoshop. Below, another infrared photo inspired by summer skies.

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Summer Grass

The beautiful mix of grasses and wildflowers will be harvested soon from this field and others across the county, as seen below, assuring that local livestock will eat well this winter.

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Farm Vista

The long view of a hilltop farm in Litchfield County on an overcast day.

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Fence Lines

I photographed two versions of this scene, where the pattern of intersecting fences attracted me in the first place. The dramatic sky invited infrared. But the red roof on the shed and the yellow dandelions made the image a natural for color as well. Looking at it now, the color image brings me into the moment. The infrared feels more abstract.

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Apple Blossom Time

The newly opened blossoms in the orchard were a revelation. When spring happens, it comes rapidly, and the moments must not be missed. Even with a light rain falling, I again opted for infrared.

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Sherman Barn

The remnants of the silo catching the sunlight, wisps of clouds in the sky, pale leaves just emerging on the tree line in the distance suggested to me that this scene was right for infrared. Below, the same scene as it looked in infrared in June 2020.

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April Daffodils

A gentle drizzle in this quiet garden in Connecticut offered a break between showers to capture the soft light on the daffodils.

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In Passing

Today the snow and moody sky motivated me to photograph these classic spots — this time from the car window.

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Winter Fences (Again)

I have photographed these fences before, but today’s sky called for a reprise. What I really needed was a flight of birds lifting skyward. I’ll have to work on that.

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