Queen Anne’s Lace in August

This abundant wildflower (or weed if you prefer) populates fields and lines roadways in the summer and brings a delicate grace to the countryside. It’s name alone intrigues me, and I often turn my camera to focus on it. I photographed the bloom (above) the other day in a farm field. Below is a photograph I made six years ago, when I found a patch of queen anne’s lace elevated in status to a formal garden.

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Summer Sky

The weather report called for thunderstorms. Haying would have to wait.

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Fence Line Revisited

Tall grasses brushed by a breeze, a cloud-streaked sky and the march of a fence line into the distance coalesced into a perfect infrared landscape.

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Still Spring

On a windless day, a still reflection and a somber sky.

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Dandelions and Sky

The sky was dramatic, but I needed a foreground. The grasses were nice of course, but the dandelions made it happen.

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Tulips and Daffodils

This happy mix of tulips and daffodils is transformed by the infrared-converted camera, and then of course, tweaked to emulate the infrared film I used to favor years ago. But why the need to “improve” on Mother Nature? In deference to the natural beauty coaxed from this combination by an able gardener, I offer below a less adulterated version.

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Spring Orchard Revisited

The forecast was for thunder storms, and the forecast was correct. Moments after this image was made, the downpour began.

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Spring Hillside 2020

The plum trees are in blossom, but the flag is at half staff.

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Town Views

The juxtaposition of power lines and a classic New England church steeple offered an opportunity for a graphic study. The late afternoon sun highlighting the edge of the steeple prompted me to make the shot.

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Walking in Town 2

I am out walking in town most days now, and I always carry a camera to make a casual record. For a photographer, there is an advantage to being on foot. You are forced to take the time to look for the picture in the scene you’re passing. And there’s no need to find a place to stop the car to get the shot!

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